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Operational Intelligence in B2B: What Is It & Why You Need It

How much operational intelligence do you have about your B2B transactions?
Probably not as much as you need.

View this webinar and find out what B2B operational intelligence could do for your business. Learn how it can help prevent errors before they impact you as well as proactively tracking transactions and processes against your business rules while they are still “in-flight”.

During this webinar you will discover how a cloud-based operational intelligence solution for B2B can give your business actionable information to improve the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of your electronic transactions.

View and see how B2B operational intelligence can help you to:

  • Extend full order visibility
  • Reduce overpayments
  • Remove exception management fire-fighting and manual matching
  • Prevent bad data polluting back-office systems
  • Meet trading partner requirements and avoid penalties/chargebacks

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