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Key Findings from the New Stanford Research on the Business Value & Adoption Trends for B2B Integration

Stanford University’s Global Supply Chain Management Forum recently concluded an independent research study on the business drivers and use of B2B integration and e-commerce solutions at companies of different sizes, across various industries around the globe.

During this 30-minute webinar, lead researcher, Dr. Barchi Gillai, will discuss the key findings from the report: “B2B Integration: Business Value and Adoption Trends”.

Key metrics from the study, along with a corresponding analysis, will be presented to help you gain valuable insights for planning and managing your evolving B2B integration programs. You will learn:

  • Budgetary Requirements — What are the current trends and how are they expected to evolve?
  • Projected Growth — What is the anticipated growth for B2B connections and adoption levels?
  • Process Efficiency — What improvements have companies realised through B2B integration programs?
  • Best-in-Class — What key B2B insights were revealed from best-in-class companies?
  • Plans for Future Use — How will B2B e-commerce be used in coming years?

Also take a look at a 25-minute webinar on B2B Managed Services with lead researcher, Dr. Barchi Gillai, which outlines other key findings from the report: “B2B Managed Services: Business Value and Adoption Trends“.


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