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How OpenText Active Community Enhances Community Management Strategies

Community management, particularly for large multi-national companies, is becoming an increasingly important strategic initiative which many businesses do not know how to address. Businesses today potentially have to work with a globally diverse group of trading partners and it is therefore important that processes can be put in place to improve day to day communications with a trading partner community.

OpenText Active Community provides a unique collaborative environment for managing people to people interactions across a trading partner community. From initial on-boarding to contact management, mass communications and deploying compliance related initiatives, Active Community helps to improve the way in which companies communicate and collaborate with their trading partner communities.

Join Mark Morley, Industry Marketing Director, as he discusses:

  • Why companies need to improve community management processes
  • How improved community management helps to strengthen compliance processes
  • Overview of OpenText Active Community including an overview of two of its key modules, Supplier Registration and Information Management
  • How companies in different industries are using OpenText Active Community

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