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How B2B Completes ERP

ERP systems rely on information from various sources, including external business partners. This information often needs to be shared with external trading partners, so integrating with a B2B platform helps to “complete” your ERP system, connecting you to external trading partners. This thirty minute webinar explores the business benefits and technical implications you can expect from a managed services approach to B2B integration with your ERP environments. Watch this webinar to learn:

  • ERP environments benefit from integration via a Cloud-based B2B environment
  • real-time decision making is improved with end-to-end visibility across your entire trading network
  • a “firewall” ensures only quality data enters your ERP systems from external sources
  • B2B managed services can enable you to focus effort and resources on achieving a successful ERP implementation

If you want to learn more about B2B integration this webinar will help you find out how to increase ROI from the investment in your ERP environment.

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