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Maximising Your Return On ERP & B2B Integration

View this webinar to learn from a best practice approach gained from over 165 ERP business-to-business (B2B) integration projects, including:

  • How an integrated ERP and B2B environment can enable real-time decisions with end-to-end visibility across your entire trading network
  • Creating a ‘firewall’ that ensures only quality external data enters your ERP
  • Integrating the latest technologies and on-boarding new trading partners quickly and cost-effectively
  • Increasing business efficiency by virtually eliminating data errors

ERP investments are a major cost. If you rely on ERP systems to provide you with business information or are responsible for ERP projects, there is an area, often overlooked, that will give you additional business benefits and greater return on investment. It is B2B integration and applies whether you are consolidating multiple ERP instances or integrating to ERP’s such as SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards or Microsoft Dynamics AX.

To increase your ROI from ERP investments view this webinar and learn how:

  • ERP’s benefit from cloud-based B2B integration
  • To seamlessly integrate your ERP and B2B platforms
  • To ensure that only pre-checked, accurate information enters your ERP

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