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How to Determine the Best Communications Protocols for B2B Integration

How well-versed are you in communications/messaging protocols for B2B integration? Are you confident you know enough to make decisions for your business? Can you justify those decisions within your company?

Determining the best communications protocols to use for your B2B operations (such as AS2, FTP or other popular e-commerce standards) is not easy. Whether you are a supplier who needs to communicate with your customers or you are a customer initiating programmes with your suppliers, there are many challenges which make your protocol decision difficult and complex.

View this webinar to understand the specific challenges around B2B communications as well as connectivity decisions and alternatives available.

This webinar will outline:

  • The communications protocols available, including the most popular industry and region-specific protocols e.g. AS2, FTP, VPN, SFTP, FTPS
  • What you should consider to make the right decision on the approach for your company
  • How the various types of protocols e.g. business, application, security and basic protocols work
  • The variety of service options available to help you get implemented according to your needs and timetable

Click here to download a PDF of the webinar slides


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