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To compete effectively, you need to stay on top of business and technology-driven B2B integration issues. You will find OpenText GXS webinars a great source of information and inspiration as you plan to meet challenges in your organisation. The on-demand sessions below include industry experts discussing future trends, experiences of those who have successfully tackled issues you may be facing today and some solid, basic educational webinars to get you started with B2B integration. Sessions are categorised by topic and industry:

B2B Outsourcing

How ERP Projects Benefit from Integration to B2B Networks

Discover the benefits of integrating B2B and the back-office in this educational on-demand webinar with Stefan Ried of Forrester.


E-Invoicing: Launch Check list – What to look for with your next e-invoicing project

Convinced of the advantages of e-invoicing, but not sure where to start? Mapping out your e-invoicing strategy can help you on the journey.

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Two Key Reasons You Cannot Ignore E-invoicing

Financial benefits. Risk mitigation. These two compelling reasons are the motivation to implement an electronic invoicing solution. Automated, integration invoicing is shown to deliver operational efficiencies and 60-80% cost reduction. And of course, remaining in compliance with government regulations is a given.

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Building B2B Communities

Applying a ‘Marginal Gains’ Approach to Improving Retail Supply Chain Performance

Today’s retail industry is under constant pressure to be more responsive to changing consuming demand and competitive pressures. Ensuring that your B2B platform is fit for purpose and allows you to conduct business electronically with your trading partners can be a challenge for many companies. This webinar discusses how taking a ‘Marginal Gains’ approach to deploying a B2B environment can ensure that a retailer has the correct B2B environment to suit their business requirements, and also looks at the benefits of using a cloud based collaboration platform to improve trading partner engagement across a retail supply chain.

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How Will the Dodd-Frank Conflict Minerals Rule Impact Your Supply Chain?

Companies are undertaking information governance initiatives to adhere to the numerous regulatory compliance rulings introduced by governments around the world. One initiative is the Dodd-Frank Conflict Minerals Rule. This webinar provides an overview of how the new rule is being introduced, reviews how different industries are preparing for the reporting process, describes how to implement an assessment process to identify conflict minerals usage across a supply chain, and explains how community management tools can help with the reporting process.

EDI and B2B Integration

Creating Data without the Data Entry with OpenText Fax to EDI

You can’t choose how your customers communicate with you which means you’re often inundated with faxed orders or invoices that have to be manually digitised. But what if you could eliminate the headache of rekeying that data into the format you desire? View this on-demand webinar to learn how to digitally enable your SMB trading partners.

Supply Chain

B2B Analytics – Unlock the Value of Data in Your Supply Chain

Analytics has been at the top of the CIO’s technology agenda for some time. With major advances in data analytics technology becoming more available, companies are recognizing that the ability to acquire business data and quickly analyze it enabling them to make better, faster business decisions. This 30 minute webinar discusses how you can use analytics to unlock the value in your business-to-business (B2B) data, specifically to improve your B2B processes.

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