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No matter what size your business, you have to have a strategy to be competitive and stay in the race. There’s no better way to move your company forward than to take advantage of OpenText GXS many subject-matter experts and customers as they share their experiences, industry and technology perspectives, and emerging trends. Discover best practices and how to leverage B2B integration today, and into the future.

Meet OpenText GXS Customers


ArcelorMittal is the world’s leading steel and mining company. GXS is helping them to rationalise their EDI architecture, providing a global B2B integration solution with customers across the group.

Agrati Group

Agrati Group is the wold’s leading supplier of innovative fastening solutions for customers within the automotive industries. As its customers have faced increasing market evolution and globalisation, the company has moved quickly to implement rapid and flexible production capacity allied to effective supply chain distribution models.


Boscov’s now is America’s largest family-owned Department Store, with 43 locations across six states and a growing eCommerce business serving customers across the United States. OpenText B2B Integration helps Boscov’s improve the reach, reliability, and efficiency of its B2B processes by monitoring, streamlining, and providing a single source of information across the supply chain.


FACIL is the world’s most innovative and best performing full service provider of fastening solutions for the global automotive car and truck industry. B2B integration by GXS is supporting FACIL’s worldwide business expansion, enabling the company to participate in today’s highly competitive automotive marketplace.

Harper Collins

Harper Collins, one of the world’s leading English-language publishers, has consolidated their different B2B e-commerce platforms to a single hosted B2B integration solution with GXS.

Marks and Spencer

Leading retailer Marks and Spencer has achieved 100% success in their electronic invoicing programme with 2,000 small and mid-size suppliers enabled in just a year.

Macleans Highland Bakery

Supported by GXS, a family bakery is now trading electronically with one of the world’s largest retailers and has grown its business as a direct result.


MichelinThe dynamic nature of the automotive industry and the significant growth opportunities in emerging markets presents a significant challenge to companies like Michelin. In order to minimize their supply chain risk, moving production capacity to other countries or working more closely with customers in emerging markets required a flexible B2B infrastructure.

ST Microelectronics

ST Microelectronics is a global leader in semiconductor solutions, with a strong culture of partnership that has created a worldwide network of strategic alliances with customers, suppliers and research institutes. GXS is helping ST Microelectronics to evolve its B2B capabilities, meeting the needs of a growing business, while retaining the flexibility and agility to respond rapidly to changing customer needs.

Supply Direct

Supply Direct now has a flexible and easy-to-use solution enabling the company to do any-to-any data transformation and rapidly set up trading partners to participate in today’s B2B e-commerce marketplace.

Short Guides to B2B and GXS

Active Community

Electronic Invoicing

Active Logistics

Procure-to-Pay Solutions

Why GXS?

Matthew Walker
Managed Services Director, EMEA

What is a Managed Service?

Matthew Walker
Managed Services Director, EMEA

What is Active Orders?

Matthew Walker
Managed Services Director, EMEA

Why you need a web portal to support your ERP

Matthew Henson
Sales Executive

Drop Ship

EDI Network

Payment & Bank Connectivity

How B2B enables international expansion

Mark Morley
Industry Marketing Director

How to increase resilience across supply chains

Mark Morley
Industry Marketing Director

What is Vendor Managed Inventory?

Matthew Walker
Managed Services Director, EMEA

What if you can’t fit new processes into your ERP?

Jeff Eckel
Product Manager

Meet the Team

The Information Supply Chain

The Information Supply Chain VideoBased upon his recently published book, Herding Geese—The Story of the Information Supply Chain, Steve Keifer, VP Global Marketing, provides his view on how B2B is not only providing competitive advantage to individual companies, but how it is helping to save the world.

Using EBICS for Single Access Between Banks and Corporate Customers

EBICS for Banks and Corporate Customers VideosMach Flinn, Solutions Consulting Manager, provides an overview of how EBICS meets international standards, and provides a cost-effective multi-bank capability that is essential to corporate clients.

One B2B Gateway for All Business Integration Needs

B2B Gateways for B2B Integration VideoPeter Corliss, GXS Product Manager, explains how OpenText BizManager provides the means to implement one B2B gateway communication solution for all business integration needs.

B2Bank: A Single Platform for Corporates

Mach Flinn, Solutions Consultant, explains how Corporates can gain visibility and control of transactions from their back-office systems to their banks and describes the value of GXS Active Payments for Multi-National Corporations.

What Are the Causes of Complexity in B2B e-Commerce?

What Causes Complexity in B2B e-Commerce VideoSteve Keifer, VP of Product & Industry Marketing, identifies the various elements of B2B e-commerce that make integration so complex, and why this complexity is causing many manufacturers to consider a cloud-based approach.

Growing Trading Partner Communities

Growing Trading Partner Communities VideoBrian Koepsell, Director of Customer Management, explains how his team focuses on growing trading partner communities and turning customers into partners is their top priority.

What Is the Business Process Adoption (BPA) Work Group within EDIFICE

Business Process Adoption (BPA) within EDIFICE VideoDane Manes, Solutions Consultant, explains the role of the Business Process Adoption (BPA) work group within EDIFICE and how it is working to simplify the use of standards within the industry.

Why ERP/B2B Integration Is Key to Improving Operational Synergies

Using ERP and B2B Integration to Improve Operational Efficiency VideoMark Morley, Industry Marketing Director, explains the importance of ERP/B2B integration for improving operational synergies and efficiencies. Mark also discusses the results of an AMR Research study focused on ERP projects.

Enhance SAP/B2B Integration with B2B Managed Services

Using SAP and B2B Integration with B2B Managed Services VideoMark Morley, GXS Industry Marketing Director, discusses how a B2B Managed Services approach can enhance SAP/B2B integration projects by ensuring higher levels of reliable connectivity, processes and data quality—in addition to keeping projects on schedule and on budget.

How Small- and Medium-Sized Companies Can Connect with Trading Partners

How SMBs Connect with Trading Partners VideoAmy Rubin, Manager of EDI Sales, discusses the options and types of services available for small- and medium-sized companies to connect with their trading partners.

Danny Casco

Danny Casco, Vice President, Managed Services Engineering, discusses his experience and the specific industry challenges he and his team addressed for engineering solutions that evolved into our current GXS B2B Managed Services offering.

Sim Hua Lui

Sim Hua Lui Discusses Market Dynamics VideoSim Hua Lui, VP, Sales and Services, ASPAC, describes the diverse markets that comprise the Asian-Pacific region. He offers brief insights into the market dynamics and multicultural elements of this dynamic, investor-friendly, growth market.

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