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Stanford University Research Study

Report #1 B2B Managed Services | Report #2 B2B Integration

An Independent Research Study Conducted by The Stanford Global Supply Chain Management Forum

  • What are the current levels of adoption for B2B integration for companies of all sizes around the globe?
  • How much are your industry peers planning to spend on B2B integration programmes in 2013?
  • What are the primary business drivers for companies that implement a B2B managed services approach?


Our customers told us that answers to these questions were important in order to gain valuable insight on best practices, make better decisions and evaluate the effectiveness of their own B2B programmes as compared to those of their peers. That’s why we are pleased to provide the results from Stanford University’s recent survey of the business drivers and use of B2B integration and e-commerce solutions at companies of all sizes, across various industries around the globe.

Stanford Research Results

Stanford University’s Global Supply Chain Management Forum recently concluded its global research study and has released two separate reports reflecting the results. You can register now to receive both full research studies which provide valuable metrics with a corresponding analysis on the business value and adoption trends of B2B managed services and B2B integration.

Report #1: “B2B Managed Services: Business Value and Adoption Trends”

Results from the first report revealed the #1 business driver for using B2B managed services was to improve the customer experience. In addition, 96% of survey respondents saw increased business value from B2B managed services and 78% saw improvement in customer onboarding. The report also reveals answers to questions such as:

  • What are the major financial benefits realised from managed services?
  • What types of benefits are businesses realising when using a managed services approach for electronic trading with their customers?
  • How are companies leveraging managed services across geographical regions.

Report #2: “B2B Integration: Business Value and Adoption Trends”

Results from the second report revealed that 96% of respondents are planning to expand their B2B e-commerce programs with additional customers and suppliers and the number of business processes they support. In addition, more than 60% anticipate an increase in their B2B integration budgets in order to take advantage of the average cost savings of 40% that the technology provides in the order-to-pay process. The report also reveals answers to questions such as:

  • What are the major financial benefits realised when business processes are managed electronically vs. manually?
  • What are the budgetary trends for B2B integration technologies based on company size and geographic location?
  • How are best-in-class companies using B2B integration achieving more than 50 percent in cost reductions?

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