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A Rush and a Push and the Land is Ours

A rush and a push and the land is ours – report by Fieldworks

Companies are facing challenges as they look to escape slow growth at home and expand abroad, accelerating expansion ambitions, looking to capture new sales growth away from home.

International expansion was once considered the province of the multinational giants, but the opportunities are so strong that even mid-market retailers and brands are making moves, viewing it at the very least as a necessary survival strategy to secure their domestic position.

Spurred on by the relatively low-risk attractions of reaching new customers that are buying online, firms are refining the balance of sales channels, whether physical or digital, and finalising which territories to target.

This report discusses:

  • How the opportunities far outweigh the threats, but there are significant challenges
  • A global supply chain needs to be agile to react and serve multiple markets, but robust enough to withstand changing local demands
  • Under increasing pressure to buy globally but think locally, how to balance global aspirations with increasing demand from consumers to reduce product mileage in the supply chain
  • Ethical approach is reshaping the way retailers manage suppliers
  • Need dynamic supply chains that move from traditional push/pull model
  • Enterprise Resource Planning cannot always handle the demands of a non-linear, global supply chain
  • Creating a supply chain with visibility and agility across all business sectors

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