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Supply Chain Visibility

OpenText Active Orders

Do you have good visibility on the status of all inbound orders in your supply chain? How many different ERP, warehouse management and Accounts Payable systems do you need to access to trace the history of a Purchase Order? Active Orders is designed to be the “one place to look” for the status of any outstanding orders. We aggregate all of the changes, shipping and invoicing information related to an order and then display it to you in one consolidated view.

The best part of this is that your suppliers can see the same information as you. So if you need a phone call to work through an issue, both parties will be looking at the same information. Active Orders stores the full revision history so you can see the original PO as well as any acknowledgements, changes, or cancellations. We automatically identify any discrepancies with orders, shipments or invoices so you can move quickly to resolving issues.

OpenText™ Active Orders is a software as a service (SaaS) application so there are no licenses to purchase and no painful upgrades to endure. We handle all the configuration and day-to-day operations of the application.

Active Orders improve supply chain performance through faster identification of order-related problems and ongoing monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs). Using an exception-based structure it highlights potential supply chain issues before they impact your bottom line.


  • Order Status Tracking
    Quickly get the latest status of any open Purchase Order. Buyers can see a list of all orders which were accepted, those which were rejected, and those which still have issues. Suppliers get emails when new orders arrive and reminders when confirmation deadlines are approaching.
  • Shipment Status Tracking
    Buyers can see a list of which orders will ship on time, which will be delayed and email notifications of any expected late orders. Suppliers get better visibility into their shipments as well with an electronic proof of delivery as soon as the shipment hits the buyer’s loading dock. Invoice Status Tracking is also provided so suppliers can see the status of all of of their invoices online. So, Accounts Payable is no longer flooded with calls from suppliers asking if you have their invoice, if it has been approved or when it will be paid.

What is Active Orders?

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