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OpenText Active Catalogue

If you are a merchandise supplier seeking to expand your distribution to a broader range of retail chains, many of your target accounts are probably using our catalogue already. Several hundred of the largest department stores and niche retailers in the US are connected to Catalogue.

With OpenText™ Active Catalogue you can exchange over 600 different attributes about your products. Brand name, description, price, style, colour and size are just a few of the item attributes we support. Each time a new item is submitted, we check to confirm the integrity of the data fields and that the item’s GTIN is unique. We allow retailers to add their own specific validations as well. If we find something wrong we will notify you quickly, so you can correct the data and resend it.

We offer many ways for suppliers to send us their catalogue data (and for retailers to download it). You can enter the data into our web portal, we also have an API you can use. You can send it to us in XML or EDI format or you can upload a comma-delimited flat file (exported from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet).


  • Attributes for Online Shopping 
    OpenText Catalogue has an extended set of attributes to support your B2C e-commerce store front. From “heel height” to “boot leg circumference,” you can capture all of the information needed for your consumer online shopping sites.
  • Images and QR Codes 
    We support the exchange of “unstructured data” such as stock photography and QR codes that you might use for online shopping sites, print catalogues or in-store kiosks. You can even exchange media files to support promotions.

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