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Operational Intelligence

OpenText Active Intelligence

Are you aspiring to increase your perfect order fill rate? Are you planning to expand your cross-docking, floor-ready merchandise or drop-ship programmes with suppliers?

If so, you need to reduce routine errors associated with order fulfillment, shipping and payment processing. Issues like duplicate orders, unauthorised substitutions and invoice discrepancies slow you down and consume endless hours of time. OpenText™ Active Intelligence  identifies problems associated with orders, packaging, shipments, invoices and payments in real time. It pinpoints problems so that you or your customer/supplier can take corrective action quickly. Once we identify an issue, we offer you multiple options in order to take action.

We can “quarantine” or “firewall” EDI/XML messages so they don’t pollute your ERP application with bad orders, shipments or invoices. If you prefer, we can tell the sender what information is incorrect,then request a correction. Or we can simply flag the issue as an exception for your team to handle.

We also aggregate the information so you can identify trends in your business operations. For example, you can pinpoint which of your suppliers is frequently missing service level objectives related to order packaging, shipping or invoicing. You can also expose the reports to suppliers so that they know which areas need improvement.


  • Shipment Error Notification We notify you when the wrong shipper is being used for a load. We identify when an unauthorised product substitution has occurred within one of your orders and warn you when a supplier drop shipment is running late. All before your business is impacted.
  • Invoicing Error NotificationWe red flag duplicate invoices or those with an invalid order number. We’ll three-way match invoices to the associated orders and receiving advices to identify any discrepancies in quantities or prices. We  remove bad data before it hits your back-office systems.
  • Payment Error Notification We double check the maths in payment files to identify situations where the sums of line items don’t total correctly. We identify duplicate payments and help to identify outstanding invoices that don’t match to payments so you have accurate, complete and consistent data.

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