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Supply Chain Applications

Our supply chain applications give you better visibility into the status of Purchase Orders, the location of inventory and the timing of upcoming shipments. We can help you identify issues such as imperfect orders, late shipments, unmatched invoices and duplicate payments. Improved visibility and operational intelligence should enable you to resolve problems before they impact your customers. All of our applications are Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) so there are no upfront licence fees, no lengthy implementation cycles and no painful upgrades.

The supply chain applications in our portfolio include:

  • Supply Chain Visibility – Do you have a single, consolidated view of all of your open orders? With our Supply Chain Visibility application you can follow all of your open orders. From initial PO and acknowledgement to supplier invoice and payment, we’ll provide a timeline history of the order as it moves through your supply chain. Learn more about Active Orders
  • Operational Intelligence – How quickly can you identify issues like duplicate orders, unauthorised substitutions and invoice discrepancies in your supply chain? Using the data in your EDI and XML transactions, our Active Intelligence service, can pinpoint shipping, invoicing and payment problems before they impact your business. Learn more about Active Intelligence
  • Product Catalogue – Popular in the North American apparel and general merchandise sector, our Catalogue enables merchandise suppliers to share product information such as price, style, colour and size with their retail customers. You can use it to publish information about new products or to update the attributes of existing SKUs. Learn more about OpenText™ Active Catalogue
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