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B2B and EDI Managers—Upgrade Your EDI Programme to Add More Value to the Business

What impact would EDI-enabling all of your business partners, regardless of size or technology capability, have on your business?

How can you extend the use of EDI to new business processes in order to maximise your existing EDI investment?

Would consolidating all of your EDI traffic onto one B2B network provide greater visibility into your supply chain?

If you are considering an upgrade to your EDI programme, we can show you how to remove cost and inefficiency from your transaction-based processes. We can help enable 100% of your business partner community.

Onboard Your Entire Business Partner Community—With OpenText™ Expert Onboarding, we can help you get the maximum benefit from your B2B initiatives by making sure that all of your partner community—customers, suppliers, financial institutions, logistics companies—can participate. We have experience in onboarding partners, regardless of size or technical capabilities, onto integration programs that include EDI, AS2, data synchronisation, supply chain visibility and VAN migrations.

Exchange More Document TypesOpenText™ Trading Grid® Messaging Service, allows you to manage more of your business processes via EDI. You send and receive Purchase Orders, Invoices and Advance Ship Notices in your preferred format, and they are translated into the formats your business partners prefer.

Consolidate to a Single Network—When you bring your entire EDI programme onto our network, you will benefit from reduced complexity, which can lead to an increase in productivity for your team. You will have greater visibility into your supply chain, and you may even save money with discounted transaction volumes.

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