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Accounts Payable or Receivable—Lower Costs, add Value With e-Invoicing

Do you have a small army of accounting staff handling paper/email-based invoices with your customers and business partners?

Are you spending hundreds of hours per month gathering supporting documentation to respond to penalties and deductions on your invoices?

Are you interested in performing more extensive spend analysis of your direct or indirect materials purchases?

If you aren’t happy with your answers to any of the questions above, then it may be worthwhile investing to further automate your accounting processes.

Two of our most popular solutions are:

Electronic Invoicing—Active Invoices with Compliance service offers a comprehensive approach to exchanging invoices with your business partners or customers. We offer compliance in over 40 countries around the world, including support for the complex regulations in Latin America and the European Union. Learn more about Active Invoices with Compliance

Chargeback Avoidance—The Active Intelligence service can help you to reduce compliance violations and invoice deductions from your customers. First we model the business rules from your customers’ compliance guides, then we match those rules against your PO acknowledgements, ASNs and invoices to identify any errors that might lead to a deduction.

e-Invoicing Basics

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