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Track Orders or Shipments Through the Supply Chain

Do you know which of your outstanding purchase orders have not been acknowledged?

Which of your expected shipments is overdue?

How many portals, faxes and emails do you need to go through to get the latest status on multi-modal, international shipments?

Do you know which of your suppliers has the highest order fill rates? Timely ASNs? The fewest exceptions and returns?

If you can’t answer these questions confidently,consider investing in supply chain visibility. OpenText has visibility applications that allow you to track the status of any active order throughout its life cycle and the location of any container shipment in the supply chain. Designed to immediately notify you when things go wrong, our visibility solutions include real-time alert notifications and dynamically calculated ETAs.

Track Orders—Active Orders application provides you with visibility to the status of all your open purchase orders. You can easily determine which have been acknowledged, shipped, received and invoiced against. It also includes a dashboard with KPIs and metrics for all of your suppliers. Learn more about OpenText™ Active Orders

Track Shipments— Active Logistics application offers a single portal by which you can track container shipments (inbound and outbound) from all your transportation carriers. Item level visibility provides you with confidence and the location and expected arrival times for in-transit inventory. Learn more about OpenText™ Active Logistics

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