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Reduce Costs by Consolidating Multiple B2B Gateways

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Are you operating multiple independent B2B integration platforms in different countries?

Are your teams in France and Japan talking to headquarters about their B2B projects and vice versa?

Is there a disaster recovery plan for your B2B Gateway in Belgium?

If you are unsatisfied with the answers to any of the questions above, you may want to think about consolidating your B2B gateways onto a single platform. Many companies are switching to a shared services model in which the IT organisation provides a centralised B2B function for different operating companies. Compelling cost savings and increased customer satisfaction can be gained from operating a consistent, best-in-class global, B2B programme.

Let us Run Your Shared Service Centre—We’ve helped a number of multinational organisations consolidate their B2B gateways onto a single platform. Our Trading Grid has the pre-built functionality you need to support the various regulations, messaging standards and usage conventions required in different countries around the world. Plus, with our Managed Services approach we will do all the heavy lifting associated with migrating the connections, rewriting the maps and testing the functionality for you. Learn more about OpenText™ Managed Services

Not Ready to Centralise—Make it easier for your business partners by standardising on to a single B2B network for all your transactions. Trading Grid Messaging Service is the only truly global network to exchange EDI, XML and files with business partners around the world.

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