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One-Third of Data in ERP Systems Comes From Outside the Firewall

Are you implementing a new Oracle or SAP ERP system or upgrading to a new version?

If so, have you considered the impact on your B2B integration gateway? How many maps will need to be updated/rewritten and tested?

Are you planning to expand the scope of your B2B programme along with this new ERP to onboard new business partners and transaction sets?

If the answers to the questions above make you nervous, you are not alone. Many companies underestimate the level of effort required to update B2B gateways to support a new/upgraded ERP. Studies have shown that up to one-third of the data in your ERP comes from outside the firewall, for example via customers, suppliers, banks and logistics providers. While the bulk of your management team’s focus may be on the ERP application itself, the system cannot go live unless you can exchange orders, invoices and payments with your business partners.

Many companies choose to upgrade their B2B integration platforms and their ERP applications simultaneously. If you are going to take the time to rewrite all of the maps, business logic and scripts in your B2B platform, why not remove your old translator at the same time?

Using our Managed Services approach we can do most of the heavy lifting required for B2B platforms to support ERP projects. We will rewrite the maps and test them with business partners.

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