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Let us Help you to Start Doing Business Electronically

Are your customers asking you to receive orders, send advanced shipment notices or invoices electronically?

Are you looking for cost savings by automating routine purchasing, receiving and payment processes with suppliers?

Are you confused by terms like EDIFACT, ANSI X.12, AS2 and FTP?

If so, don’t worry, we can help. At OpenText™ Business Network we have helped many thousands of companies get started with EDI and B2B Integration programmes. Whether you are a large, small or mid-sized company, we can recommend a solution for you:

Small Businesses—You will need EDI software or a Web EDI solution to connect to an EDI network. Chances are most of your customers and suppliers are already on our EDI network which will cut down the time and cost of connecting.

Medium-Sized Companies—You will need a B2B translator to exchange transactions between your back-office systems and your business partners. You can avoid the costs of buying hardware, software and building a B2B integration team, with options like OpenText™ Freeway Cloud or B2B Managed Services.

Large Organisations—Consider our B2B Gateway software to run behind your firewall or B2B Managed Services if you prefer a hosted solution.

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