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Is Your B2B Integration Platform Ageing? Think Modernisation

Is your B2B translator and integration platform old or reaching “end of life” for vendor support?

Is the sales team complaining that your B2B capabilities aren’t competitive?

Are you afraid to make changes to the scripts and maps you are using because you are not sure what will happen?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, consider upgrading to a new B2B integration platform. OpenText has worked with hundreds of companies who have upgraded from legacy B2B technologies. We have helped clients to upgrade from Sterling Gentran, Mercator, REIMS, webMethods and OpenText products such as TrustedLink and Enterprise System.

B2B Gateway Software—Looking for software to run behind your firewall? Unlike other integration technologies that are optimised for any-to-any (A2A) our BizManager™ communications gateway and TrustedLink series translators were designed specifically for B2B. They support all of the popular messaging standards, networking protocols, and they can function not only as a B2B Gateway, but also as a Managed File Transfer platform. Learn more

Let us Manage Your B2B Platform—Concerned about budget or staffing to make the upgrade? Many companies have shifted to a Managed Services model in which we host the technology in our data centres. Our experienced B2B professionals will onboard your business partners, rewrite your maps and provide ongoing technical support. Learn more about OpenText™ Managed Services

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