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Become Easier to do Business With in Emerging Markets

Are you expanding into emerging markets such as Brazil, India, China or the Middle East?

Does your team understand local B2B e-commerce regulations, standards and conventions for B2B in Japan, Brazil and Singapore?

Are your international customers demanding more extensive e-commerce capabilities to support order management, direct store delivery or electronic invoicing?

If you answered “yes” to any of the questions above, it may be time to invest in your international B2B e-commerce resources. OpenText™ Business Network has worked with many of the world’s largest multinational companies to enhance their local B2B capabilities. We have employees and operations in countries all around the world, so are uniquely positioned to assist you in your efforts to grow your business worldwide.

Let us Manage Your B2B Programme—Don’t want to employee teams of B2B experts in each country you sell or produce in? Let us act as a virtual extension of your IT organisation. Our in-country B2B experts will perform everything from onboarding to technical support with your business partners. Learn more about OpenText™ Managed Services

Enable Your Smaller Customers and Business PartnersOpenText™ Intelligent Web Forms is available in a range of languages and offers an inexpensive approach to onboarding hundreds (or thousands) of  smaller business partners. As this is delivered “as a Service” there is no software to buy, implement or maintain.

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