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Accelerate the Flow of Inventory Through Your Supply Chain

Do you know when the shipments from your suppliers are going to arrive at your distribution centres or manufacturing plants?

Are you stocking buffer inventory in your supply chain to reduce the likelihood of out-of-stocks and supply shortages?

Are you planning to implement cross-docking or floor ready merchandise initiatives with your suppliers to increase inventory turns?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, consider further automating warehouse receiving processes with your business partners. If you require them to send advance ship notices (ASNs) you can significantly improve the flow of inventory through your supply chain. You will know which shipments are arriving and when, so you can plan labour schedules and arrange cross-docking to outbound transportation carriers. You will have more confidence in your inventory estimates and reduce the safety stock that drags on your balance sheet.

Best-in-Class—If your business partners are already sending ASNs, but you are struggling with high error rates or low adoption levels, consider OpenText™ Active Intelligence. You can model business rules to identify the root cause of ASN data quality problems. You can also create scorecards to measure the performance of business partners.

Learn more about OpenText Active Intelligence.

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