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Electronic Invoicing and Payments

Do you want to reduce the number of paper invoices you are sending or receiving? Do you want to remove cheques and move to electronic payments? At OpenText we enable the exchange of billions of financial transactions electronically every year. From invoices and remittance advices to payments and end-of-day statements, we offer a portfolio of solutions to enable the electronic exchange of transactions:

  • Electronic Invoicing – Are you tired of exchanging paper and email invoices with your customers and suppliers? We can enable your business partners to send invoices electronically directly into your accounting systems. Our Active Invoices service supports invoices sent via EDI/XML or a web portal. It also supports the local tax-compliance policies in Europe, North America and Latin America. Learn more about our e-Invoicing solutions
  • SWIFT Service Bureau – Would you like to standardise the way you connect to your banks around the world? Many treasury organisations are routing payment transactions and account statements to their banks via the SWIFT network. Using our established Service Bureau, we can get you connected to SWIFT quickly and cost-effectively. We can also perform translation, validation and enrichment of messages before or after they reach SWIFT’s network. Learn more about SWIFT Service Bureau
  • Payments and Bank Connectivity – Looking for an easier, more cost-effective way to exchange payment instructions, account statements and foreign exchange transactions with your banks? Consider our Managed Services approach. We will collect information directly from your treasury and accounting systems then route it directly to your banks in their preferred format. Our experts will work directly with the banks to implement and test new connections then maintain them on-going. Learn more about OpenText™ Managed Services

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