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OpenText™ Freeway is an affordable range of B2B e-commerce solutions that enable small- and medium-sized businesses to create, send, receive, print, and manage EDI documents. The simple Windows-based interface enables new users to begin using Freeway quickly and easily. As your business grows you can upgrade with Freeway, integrating with your accounting system or building your own trading community. Freeway provides a cost effective, simple exchange of electronic purchase orders, advanced shipping notices (ASNs), invoices and payments through to complete integrated back-office solutions to over 2,300 companies.

Freeway Case Studies

Electronic commerce offers benefits to small businesses, including reduced printing/postage costs, improved customer service, the ability to secure new customers locally and abroad and better visibility on payment dates. Many small and medium size companies are capitalising on this as a differentiator and a platform for local and international expansion.

The OpenText Freeway range of EDI software and hosted products includes:

  • OpenText™ Freeway Entry – entry level EDI software ideal for new suppliers whose customers require them to do electronic trading. This is a very simple, off-the-shelf, standalone EDI solution that also offers an easy upgrade path to OpenText Freeway Professional as your electronic trading requirements develop and grow.
  • OpenText™ Freeway Professional – provides all of the features of OpenText Freeway Entry, plus integration with your accounting and order processing systems. This software integrates EDI with your accounting software to save you time and avoid any re-keying of data.
  • OpenText™ Freeway Complete – includes OpenText Freeway Professional EDI software, installation, maintenance, 5 trading partner kits, 2 AS2 connections with ASN turnaround kits, 3 back-office integration modules and more. OpenText Freeway Complete is ideal for small to mid-size companies requiring a complete packaged solution. Larger companies with low EDI volumes may also choose this as a standalone option or as a front-end translator to applications running on other platforms.
  • OpenText™ Freeway Cloud – a comprehensive, hosted cloud EDI solution for companies that want to trade with a larger community or create a complete new trading community.
  • OpenText™ Freeway Trade – a simple online portal designed specifically to meet the requirements of building merchants and buying groups. It supports electronic trading messages including purchase orders, ASNs, invoices and credits. OpenText Freeway Trade also does electronic purchase order matching and can integrate with ERP systems.

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Key Differences Between the OpenText Freeway Solutions
Feature Benefit Entry Professional Complete Cloud
Hosted cloud solution No software required
Windows software-based EDI solution For companies who prefer to manage their IT internally
Runs on standard PC hardware No additional investment in hardware required
UK-based support services
Network installation available Share data across different departments running separate PCs
Installation available on-site or remotely Ensures professional installation of relevant components
Training available on-site or remotely Ensures fully trained users
Quick start user guide Gets you up and running quickly
Web user interface Ease of access for users
Document-centric hosted environment Can locate individual documents rapidly
Document-level validation Error rejection and reprocessing (not just batch)
Automatic scheduling of document downloads No need to download documents manually
Automatic forwarding of documents, files and reports via e-mail Replace paper and faxes with automated electronic documents
Compatible with Freeway Analytics Enhanced visibility of key metrics including trading partner relationships
Traffic light system to control and view the status of each batch/document User-friendly improved status management and visibility
Smart alert functionality and increased error reporting Improved status management and visibility
Multi-company support Common systems reduce training and support costs
Multi-user support Can be used by up to 10 users simultaneously
Multiple concurrent processing Run multiple processes at once
Includes trading partners required messages Improve customer satisfaction by easily and quickly complying with message requirements
Integrates common B2B e-commerce messages including Orders, Invoices, Credits, Delivery Advice Improved efficiency with integrated B2B e-commerce messages
Ability to return messages e.g. acknowledgements, delivery notes and invoices from original orders Improve customer satisfaction by easily and quickly complying with message requirements
Add new trading partners (subject to Freeway published release list) Cost effective way to expand your trading partner community
High-quality, responsive support services using remote access software Resolves support issues quickly
Integration with accounting/back-office packages Removes manual re-keying and reduces opportunity for human error
OpenText Freeway flat file interfaces (optional) integrates message formats via a single interface with your back-office system Improved business efficiency
Offers full data validation and online flat file testing service Data validation ensures that trading partners receive error-free messages
Bespoke maps
Bespoke back-end integration
Generic/Custom Webform application
User level security/access control
Multiple comms interfaces inc. AS2, FTP, EDI Network
Back-Office Systems OpenText Freeway Commonly Integrates With

Access Dimensions
Access Horizon
Access Supply Chain
Bakery Computing
Bespoke Software
Datel Protex
EDI to Databases
EDI to Excel
EDI to Flat File
Epicor Concerto
Epicor Solarsoft XVP
Epicor T21
Epicor Tropos
Epicor XKO
Exact Abacus
Exact Globe
Infor Lawson
Infor Sunsystems
Infor Swan
Infor SX.e
Intact Software
JD Edwards (JDE)
Ladylodge Systems
MS Access
MS Dynamics AX
MS Dynamics GP (Great Plains)
MS Dynamics Nav
Pegasus Opera 1
Pegasus Opera 2
Pegasus Opera 3
Pegasus Opera Operation 1
Pegasus Opera Operation 2
Pegasus Opera Operation 3
Prophet Accounts
Intact by Ramtac
Request Software
Sage 1000
Sage 200
Sage 200 Online
Sage 300
Sage 50
Sage 500
Sage X3
Sandersons Elucid
Sandersons Formul8
Sandersons Swords
Sandersons Unity
Sandersons Unity F8
SAP Business ByDesign
SAP Business One

Technical Requirements

To run OpenText Freeway Entry, OpenText Freeway Complete or OpenText Freeway Professional, your PC should meet the requirements listed below:

Windows Operating System

OpenText Freeway should be compatible with the UK versions of the following Windows operating systems. Regional (not local) settings must be set as “United Kingdom“.

  • Windows XP Professional
  • Windows Vista Business Edition
  • Windows Vista Ultimate
  • Windows 7 Professional (32 & 64 bit)
  • Windows 7 Enterprise (32 & 64 bit)
  • Windows 7 Ultimate (32 & 64 bit)
  • Windows 8 Professional (32 & 64 bit)
  • Windows 8 Enterprise (32 & 64 bit)
  • Windows 10

Notes: For installations on Windows 7 & Windows 8 (all versions), a local administrator will be required to operate the software. OpenText SecuRemote VPN client is not recommended for use on Windows 7 or Windows 8. For installations on Windows 10, a local administrator will be required, or the OpenText software will need to be given sufficient permission to allow it to “Run as administrator”.
If intending to install the OpenText Freeway software in “network mode” (multi computer) and using Windows 8 on any client PC, there are specific configuration requirements. Please contact your Project Coordinator for detailed information.

The following Windows operating systems are NOT supported by OpenText Freeway:

  • Windows Embedded (all versions)
  • Windows Compact
  • Windows Mobile
  • Windows Millennium Edition (ME)
  • Windows 2000 Professional
  • Windows XP Home Edition
  • Windows Vista Home Edition
  • Windows Vista Home Premium
  • Windows 7 Home
  • Windows 7 Home Premium
  • Windows 8 (Basic Edition)
  • Windows 10 Home Edition

OpenText Freeway is not supported in the following environments:

  • Microsoft Windows Emulators (e.g. on an Apple Mac)
  • Citrix
  • Remote Desktop Services
  • Microsoft, VMware or other Terminal Services
  • Exchange (or other email) servers
  • Domain Controllers
  • SQL (or other database) servers
  • IIS (or other web) servers
  • Business Critical Servers*
  • Anti-Virus Servers
  • Update Servers, etc

*OpenText defines a business critical server as any server (or desktop PC) running mission critical software, such as ERP systems, accounting software etc.

OpenText Freeway Entry, OpenText Freeway Complete and OpenText Freeway Professional applications are designed to operate as single-user systems. Data can be stored on a server to allow non-concurrent access from multiple client PC’s.

If you require a concurrent multi-user hosted solution or cannot provide a localised platform to meet the above requirements, OpenText Freeway Cloud is an alternative option. To find out more please contact OpenText Business Network.

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