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AS2 Internet EDI

Do you have customers that want to exchange EDI or XML using the AS2 protocol? Are you still using dial-up or legacy technologies to exchange data with your business partners? If so, you may want to consider AS2, which has become one of the most popular communications protocols.

We have a number of different options for customers who want to use AS2, including B2B integration software you can license to send EDI and XML documents directly over the Internet. Alternatively, you can exchange documents via AS2 with the hundreds of thousands of businesses on our network. Or if you prefer, we can manage your AS2 connections for you with our Managed Services.

Our AS2 services include:

  • Protocol Mediation – You send transactions to us via AS2 and we convert them to the protocol of choice for your business partners – FTP, MQ, OFTP or other. Additionally, we can receive transactions via AS2 from your business partners and route them to you via FTP or other standards.
  • EDI or XML – You can use our AS2 services to exchange Purchase Orders, Advanced Shipment Notices, Invoices, Payments, Remittance Files or other standardised messages. We support numerous EDI (ANSI X.12, EDIFACT, Tradacoms) and XML standards.
  • Translation – We can do more than transmit your EDI and XML documents. OpenText Business Network offers network-based translation services to convert messages from one format to another (e.g. SAP IDOC to EDIFACT). We offer data validation, tokenisation, encryption, compression and many other features.

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