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OpenText Trading Grid® for Excel

TGforExcelDemo_GXSAre you looking for an easy and inexpensive way to exchange electronic purchase orders and invoices with your small suppliers? Supplier portals are widely used to meet this requirement, but aren’t popular with suppliers because they have to rekey data into different portal sites.

Our Microsoft Excel adapter offers an alternative to the traditional supplier portal approach. Suppliers can work directly in Excel to create, send and receive electronic Purchase Orders and Invoices. There is no need to tab between different websites, no passwords or challenge questions to remember and no rekeying of data.

The Excel adapter is easy to install and run. After registering online, your suppliers can download a lightweight plug-in. The plug-in installs additional tabs onto the Dynamic Ribbon Bar within the Microsoft Excel application. Then you are ready to start exchanging Purchase Orders and electronic invoices. Your suppliers already know how to use it, because it is the same familiar spreadsheet application that they use every day. It’s that easy.


  • Electronic Purchase Orders
    Buyers create a purchase order in their ERP or e-procurement system and send it to OpenText in EDI, XML or native ERP format.  We convert it into an Excel file, then store it in our Cloud-based file system. When the supplier clicks on the “Receive POs” button within Excel, the file is downloaded to their machine.
  • Electronic Invoices
    Suppliers can create an invoice from scratch or auto-populate fields based upon the original Purchase Order. Once completed, the supplier simply hits the “Send Invoice” button within Excel and the file is uploaded. We translate the format for transmission into the buyer’s Accounts Payable application.
  • Edit, Copy, Paste, Save and Print
    Suppliers can edit, copy, cut, paste and format Purchase Orders and Invoices just as they might any other Excel workbook. The files can be saved locally to keep a record of any transactions or exported into a comma-delimited file and users can format the workbook for printing if they need a hard copy.

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