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Do you have a master list of all of your suppliers? If you sent a communication to all of your suppliers, how many of the emails would bounce? For many companies keeping the names and contact details of suppliers up-to-date is a real challenge.

Active Community provides an easy way for your suppliers to keep their contact details, billing information and insurance credentials up-to-date. It works a lot like LinkedIn or Facebook, but for businesses. Each supplier gets their own profile page that they can access to maintain their information. But that is just the beginning.
Once you get all of your suppliers on-board, you can use Active Community to roll out new programmes or business processes to them. Do you need your suppliers to move to direct-store-delivery, floor ready merchandise, or drop ship programmes? Are you introducing new technologies to your supply chain such as advanced shipment notices, electronic invoicing or RFID? If so, Active Community can automate the process of rolling out the changes to your business partners. You can email notifications requesting participation, then track which companies opened them and took action.

You can use Active Community with customers as well as suppliers. If you are in a regulated industry such as financial services, you may be required to collect dozens of pieces of information from customers before you can activate their services. Active Community can automate and accelerate the customer onboarding process. It offers your customers a registration portal they can use to upload all documentation and notifies customers of next steps in the proces, providing you with status updates on their progress. The end result is easier onboarding and faster time to revenue.


  • Regulatory Compliance
    Ensure your business partners are complying with regulations for anti-bribery, conflict minerals (Dodd Frank) or Consumer Product Safety. With Active Community you can survey your partners, collect documentation and even capture digital signatures.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
    Monitor your supplier community’s compliance with policies such as greenhouse gas emissions, corporate social responsibility and pandemic readiness. Email surveys or documentation to your suppliers, then monitor which companies have responded.
  • Automate New Vendor Registration
    Collect all the documentation (insurance certificates, bank account numbers, taxpayer IDs) required for new vendors. There is no faxing, emailing or scanning of paper. Suppliers get a website that guides them through the registration process.

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