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Through our extensive support of connectivity options, data formats and business partner enablers, OpenText can help you achieve 100% business partner participation, including the small and medium sized businesses in your community, for your B2B data integration initiatives.

We have extensive experience in onboarding suppliers, customers, financial institutions and third-party logistics companies. OpenText onboarding services can accelerate ramping business partners for programmes including EDI, AS2, data synchronisation, supply chain visibility and VAN migrations.

On-Board and Manage Your Suppliers, Customers, Financial Institutions and Logistics Companies

  • Marketing to your Community—OpenText can develop and distribute a series of marketing communications promoting your B2B programme to your trading partners. We can also provide customised educational materials on topics like EDI, AS2 and data sync to address trading partner questions.
  • Registering Trading Partners—During the rollout phase of your B2B programme, OpenText™ Business Network will walk each trading partner through the onboarding process in an easy-to-understand, step-by-step process. We have extensive experience in ramping trading partners around the world, including China, India, Brazil, Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe.
  • Testing of Transactions—During implementation, OpenText Business Network will verify that trading partner connectivity is working correctly and test data flows with sample content. Throughout the on-boarding process we will provide you with weekly reporting and performance scorecards so you know exactly how many trading partners have been implemented.
  • Supporting Ongoing Change—Once your community is on-boarded, OpenText provides ongoing, 24×7 local language support to trading partners. With OpenText™ Active Community you can conduct community–wide surveys to assess your suppliers’ level of e–commerce maturity, corporate social responsibility initiatives, or compliance with consumer product safety regulations.
  • Optimising Your B2B Programme—After your initial trading partner ramp, OpenText can continue to provide onboarding for new suppliers, customers, 3PLs or financial institutions. Moreover, you can obtain additional efficiencies for managing errors in B2B transactions with the OpenText Active Community Dispute Management service.
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As our customers and our own company seek to utilise some production in low cost countries, the ability to on-board a new network of suppliers quickly is important.

On-Board Your Trading Partners More Effectively and Efficiently Using OpenText Expert On-Boarding

  • Speed of Onboarding—OpenText’s best practices and established network of tens of thousands of trading partners enables us to perform onboarding in less than half the time it takes most companies to implement an internal initiative.
  • Cost Savings—Onboarding trading partners is a time–consuming and challenging process even for the largest of companies. Using OpenText Expert On-Boarding you can avoid costly infrastructure testing and expensive technical staffing resources.
  • One-Stop Source—Access all the tools, training, best practices and technical support your trading partners need to connect to your supply chain quickly and efficiently.
  • Time to Revenue—If you are a service sector company such as a financial institution or logistics provider seeking to on-board new customers, Expert On–Boarding can accelerate the process, enabling you to bill more quickly.
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