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B2B Managed Services

With OpenText B2B Managed Services our experts perform all of the day-to-day activities such as mapping, connectivity, on-boarding, testing, monitoring and end-user support on your behalf. You can leverage our teams to quickly build out your connectivity to business partners, scaling up and scale down the number of people on your projects as you see fit. All of the technology is hosted in our integration cloud so there is no software to license and no hardware to buy.

Our Managed Services includes:

  • Mapping and Translation – We’ll take responsibility for all of the mapping activities required for your B2B programme. Our mapping team has experience with over 200 B2B standards from different industries and countries around the world. Once the maps are complete we will deploy them to run on our cloud-based translation service.  Learn more about our mapping services
  • On-Boarding – Need to quickly onboard a few thousand suppliers by the end of next quarter?  That’s not a problem. Our team has experience in on-boarding customers, distributors, suppliers, contract manufacturers, logistics providers and financial institutions locally and in countries around the world.  Learn more about our on-boarding services
  • Document Tracking – Do you know the status of every EDI and XML transaction you exchanged with business partners this morning?  With our document tracking service you can quickly identify which transactions were sent and received and which need attention. You can even setup alerts to be notified when something unexpected happened or something you expected to happen didn’t.  Learn more about our document tracking services
  • SAP Integration – We integrate to hundreds of SAP systems running behind our customer’s firewalls. We can integrate with your SAP system using Netweaver PI, ALE, web services or traditional FTP.  Our integration teams have extensive experience mapping to all the SAP iDOC formats from modules such as Sales & Distribution, Finance & Accounting and Materials Management.  Learn more about our Managed Services for SAP
  • Oracle Integration – We have supported over 100 Oracle consolidation and upgrade projects in the last five years. Whether you are engaging in a multi-year, phased deployment or a simply adding another module, our B2B expertise can help you ensure the project remains on time and under budget.  Learn more about our Managed Services for Oracle
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