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Managed File Transfer

The OpenText™ Managed File Transfer (MFT) platform provides a secure way to quickly on-board trading partners, gain visibility across existing systems and lower the risk of compliance failures.

Key capabilities of MFT include:

  • On–Boarding Workflow—Configure the steps to provision and change connections with customers, and third parties, including rule setup, templates, invitations, data profile repository, testing and certification.
  • Guaranteed Data Delivery—Support for Checkpoint/Restart to automatically restart transmissions if they are interrupted due to operator error or failure within hardware, software or network.
  • Visibility—Access to transaction activity status, performance and usage metrics across multiple file transfer systems masks the complexity of transmissions across customers and external trading partners.
  • Exception Management—Monitor the health of the network and data movement to uncover errors in the file transfer process. Alerts, triggered notifications and drill-down views to root cause data speed up response and resolution. Remediate chronic errors across file transfer processes with internal teams, customers and third parties.
  • Reporting and Auditing—Support for reporting service level agreements, compliance and performance across messages, files, transactions and users. Customer scorecards enable sharing of a transparent set of report cards and metrics with partners to improve customer service and competitive differentiation.

MFT provides the following benefits:

  • Lower risk of compliance failure, due to detailed reports
  • Faster on-boarding cycle times, reduced from months to days
  • Removes the risk of unsecured document exchange by replacing FTP and email transfers
  • Eliminates the manual processes of your current solution
  • Guaranteed delivery of secure, time-sensitive documents
  • Provides complete knowledge of your document lifecycle including creation, edits, delivery and deletion

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