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B2B Integration Software

Whether you are looking for a new translator or a managed file transfer solution, OpenText has a range of options. We offer  different software packages with varying price points and performance characteristics to choose from. Also, unlike most general-purpose middleware applications which target a wide range of scenarios from Application-to-Application (A2A) integration to Extraction, Transformation and Loading, our integration software is designed specifically for the unique needs of B2B.

It’s a great software solution. It’s well thought-out in its organisation and the components are easy to understand.
Bulova Corporation
  • B2B Gateway Software – Looking for a new B2B integration gateway? Our BizManager software offering features ERP integration to SAP and Oracle; communications adapters for AS2 and FTP and an optional translator for EDI and XML. Licensed in four different packages, BizManager can meet a range of different price and performance goals.  Learn more about BizManager
  • B2B Translator Software – We offer several B2B translators and mapping tools to convert messages from the data structures of your enterprise applications into the EDI or XML standards.  Learn more about our TrustedLink translators for the Windows, Unix and AS/400 platforms
  • Managed File Transfer Software – Looking for a more secure and reliable alternative to FTP?  Consider OpenText Managed File Transfer software. It supports the exchange of any type of file from structured messages such as EDI and XML to unstructured image, audio and video formats.  Learn more about Managed File Transfer

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