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GXS is a GS1 UK accredited solution provider in the areas of eCom and GDS

Who is GS1 UK?

GS1 UK is an independent, not-for-profit organisation, which designs and helps to implement global standards for use in supply chains. GS1 standards are applicable to any industry but they have particular focus on the retail, healthcare, food service and online industries.

GXS is a GS1 UK accredited solution provider in the areas of eCom and GDS

ecom-accreditedeCom accreditation –  eCom is the GS1 name for its set of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) standards, used in the process of sending and receiving structured business messages such as orders, despatch advice and invoices electronically so that they can be processed automatically.

GDSN-accreditedGlobal Data Synchronisation (GDS) –  Global Data Synchronisation enables product master data from a supplier to be made available to any chosen retailer using one common process. This information is defined using globally agreed standards which all parties can understand. With GDSN, suppliers and retailers exchange data through the Global Data Synchronisation Network.


GS1 UK accreditation measures the knowledge, expertise and understanding of GS1 standards and ensures that a B2B provider has the skills to implement GS1 standards correctly. GXS experts are accredited by GS1 UK and can help you with your B2B projects.

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