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Does your organisation have an established EDI or business network? If so, you are likely realising the benefits of transacting digitally with your trading partners. But what if you need to onboard a number of new trading partners at once? Or if you expand your business into a new industry or geography that uses communication protocols you’ve never heard of before? Or an existing partner changes its ERP software, and your backend enterprise systems can no longer exchange information with it? How can you ensure a smooth transition across your business network? With a trusted partner.

Watch the video to meet Anthony and find out how B2B managed services works to optimise your supply chain.

Transform your Business with B2B Managed Services

B2B managed services manages the day-to-day complexities of connecting digitally with your supply chain, so you can focus on running your business. Our secure, cloud-based services help you automate and optimise the exchange of information with your business network in the digital world. Managed Services ensure you can transform your business as needed, when needed, to maximise efficiency, reduce costs and increase profitability.

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Sharpening Your Competitive Edge with B2B Managed Services

Sharpening Your Competitive Edge with B2B Managed Services

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