GXS Takes Electronic Invoicing Back to Basics

Sunbury, United Kingdom —November 2, 2011— GXS™, a leading provider of business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce solutions, has  launched  a new website, E-Invoicing Basics, www.einvoicingbasics.co.uk, providing information and education to companies that want to learn more about this fast growing business area. E-Invoicing Basics was developed to help dispel some of the myths and vendor hype that surrounds e-invoicing initiatives, helping companies to understand the opportunity and the challenges associated with moving from paper to electronic invoices.

“Gartner research has highlighted that most European invoices are still in paper form, despite the fact that a paper invoice costs more to process than an electronic invoice.  We have estimated that millions of Euros can be saved from e-invoicing in Europe alone,” states Paolo Malinverno, research vice president at Gartner, Inc.  “In addition, with a growing number of EU states compelling suppliers to use e-invoicing, particularly in the public sector, e-invoicing adoption is set to skyrocket.” 

E-Invoicing Basics is an informative web resource that explains how companies can benefit operationally and strategically from electronic invoicing and presents real life case studies, webinars, a glossary of terms and other useful resources.

This is the third site in the ‘Basics’ series of microsites from GXS. ‘EDI Basics’ was the first site which launched in 2009 (www.edibasics.co.uk), with over 17,000 unique visitors per month in the UK. EDI Basics is also available in French, German, Hungarian and Chinese languages.


E-Invoicing Basics



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