GXS Announces New B2B Process Management & Social Networking Tools With World’s Leading Integration Cloud Platform

Sunbury, United Kingdom – August 29, 2011 – GXS™, the world’s largest business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce provider, today announced that the opportunity for communication and collaboration in large, complex and global trading partner networks is growing, fueled by the ongoing success in global B2B ecommerce, which global financial services firm J.P. Morgan estimates will reach US$680 billion in 2011.

For many organisations, integrating business communities is getting more complex, and with transactions expected to double by 2014 across Global 2000 organisations, the lines are blurring between traditional B2B e-commerce transactions and cloud integration. Companies that can effectively manage the B2B information of an entire trading community throughout the supply chain have a strategic advantage.

“We have seen how social networking technology has transformed business-to-consumer interactions. But we have yet to see this transformation  in B2B e-commerce,” said Steve Cochran, Vice President of Product Management, GXS. “Supply networks are still often bogged down with out-of-date contact lists, hard-to-share supplier certifications, and a reliance on faxes, email and spreadsheets. GXS RollStream is changing this by allowing procurement teams at Global 2000 companies to simplify the human side of B2B integration, minimise supplier compliance risk and improve supplier time-to-market by up to 60 percent.”

Pranabesh Nath, industry manager for Frost & Sullivan’s ICT practice in Malaysia believes that B2B integration can have a tremendously positive impact in the exchange of information for businesses on both sides of the supply chain. “Solutions such as the GXS Trading Grid are very useful in enabling real time information flows between businesses regardless of standards and preferences. However, there are significant challenges in adopting data interchange and integration solutions, chief of which are the accompanying business process changes that are required, and the initial investment. A cloud solution solves the investment challenge. Companies today seek flexible solutions that can be customised, without this adoption is slower and the benefits are greatly reduced.”

GXS RollStream’ benefits global procurement, quality management and compliance teams by accelerating supplier setup by up to 60 per cent. It enables businesses to gain vital control and visibility to information, supply chain risk and address issues faster and with greater productivity.  Businesses using RollStream have reduced the cost per supplier management by up to $750 per supplier, centralising access to extended supplier information and making it self-serviceable by the supplier community. RollStream’s community interaction tools include B2B Project Management, Broadcast Communications, Workflow and B2B Workspaces, serving to make procurement, finance and supply chain teams more productive when managing the everyday activities and rollout of systems, regulations and policies.

“With social media, the chain of information changes from being linear to something completely different, where multiple people have access to view, create, edit and delete different kinds of information. And this brings issues of control, security and cultural change required into the forefront, which is what most organisations are grappling with today,” adds Nath.

Recent Frost research reveals that companies are investigating how social media can improve collaboration internally as well as externally with customers and partners. It can transform how people communicate, create and share information.

“Our customers realise they need a balance of people, processes and technology to compete on a global scale, and they know that the human side of B2B integration matters,” Steve Cochran confirmed.

In March this year, GXS announced the acquisition of Rollstream. The GXS RollStream service is available today and will be internationalised and available with local language support by first quarter 2012.

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