GXS Sees 28 Percent Increase in Global Adoption of GDSN and GXS Data Pool Manager

Sunbury, United Kingdom — March 24, 2010 The Product Master Data Management (PMDM) Business Unit of GXS™ today announced a 28 percent increase in global adoption of the GS1 Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) via GXS Data Pool Manager. Between March 2009 and January 2010, nearly 1,000 new companies began using GXS Data Pool Manager to participate in the GDSN. In that same time period, GXS reports that the number of registered Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs), or items stored in the data pools, increased 52 percent.

GXS attributes the growth in data synchronisation in part to the increased adoption by retail and consumer products companies globally. In fact, GXS has added 361 users in the retail/consumer products industries in the UK alone since September 2009. The GDSN is a global, centralised, internet-based tool that enables buyers and suppliers to synchronise item data. The result is a single view of master item data, updated continuously throughout the supply chain. Data Pools are single points of entry to the GDSN for suppliers, retailers and distributors. Data pools enable data readiness and provide on-boarding services, education and GS1 standards-compliant synchronisation of product and trading partner data. GXS Data Pool Manager is the foundational technology for 27 GS1 Member Organisations and their GDSN-certified data pools. These data pools support local retailers and suppliers and enable them to trade consistent, standardised data with trading partners around the world.

“GXS is the power behind many of the largest and most successful GDSN data pools around the globe,” said Pat. Salmonese, vice president and general manager of GXS PMDM Business. “The GDSN is important because it is a market enabler that can increase supply chain efficiency and provide the structure for the level of information that consumers expect today to make informed buying decisions. Through the adoption of standards and the use of GXS Data Pool Manager, companies benefit from accurate and complete product information which increases productivity, improves customer satisfaction and reduces operational inefficiencies.”

Customers of GXS’ data synchronisation solutions are quickly seeing the benefits of the GDSN. For example, The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company is the world’s largest marketer of branded consumer lawn and garden products. Scotts has numerous items registered with the GDSN and is synchronising those items with 10 retailers. Benefits of using the GDSN via GXS include: fewer data errors, greater alignment, increased sales and better use of resources.  Scotts is continually on-boarding new partners and foresees that their list of retailers on the GDSN will grow as more see the benefits of eliminating paper-based processes and having a centralised, efficient resource to synchronise and access product information.

At the recent GS1 Global Forum 2010 in Brussels, 19 GS1 organisations and specialised health care exchanges for which GXS provides data pool services, gathered.  Mark Fuller, COO of GS1 Australia, one of the world’s largest data pools, stated, “In addition to providing item synchronisation for our community, GXS has delivered a GDSN-certified price synchronisation capability for companies on the GS1 Australia data pool, enabling price synchronisation for more than 250,000 items. We are appreciative of the contribution GXS has made to GS1 Australia’s pioneering efforts. As a result, Australia’s participating retailers and suppliers are experiencing greater data accuracy throughout their supply chains as well as lower product return rates and greater customer satisfaction. We are working toward growing our data pool to include additional suppliers and retailers so that they may experience the same benefits.”

“I am pleased and encouraged to see the level of enthusiasm of GS1 organisations, data pools and exchanges, and the technology providers who support them,” stated Maria Palazzolo, CEO of GS1 Australia.

GXS PMDM is a leading global provider of Product MDM solutions and a subsidiary of GXS. GXS is a leading global provider of B2B e-commerce solutions that simplify and enhance business process integration and collabouration among trading partners.

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