Flamingo Holdings Soars with Inovis Solutions

Guildford, United Kingdom — August 10, 2009 — Flamingo Holdings, a grower, importer and wholesaler of cut flowers, house plants, florists sundries and vegetables, has implemented Inovis BizLink™, part of the BizManager™ suite for trading communication and connectivity, to power Marks & Spencer’s direct order fulfillment process for its flower website. Flamingo Holdings is also deploying Inovisworks™, the value added network (VAN) service from Inovis, to consolidate its EDI environment from four VANs to one VAN, cutting complexity and cost out of its supply chain.

In order to meet increasing demand for fresh flowers in Marks and Spencer’s stores, Flamingo Holdings  turned to Inovis’ BizLink to efficiently manage every detail of the supermarket retailer’s order process, from type of flower requested to delivery address and even accompanying message. By integrating directly with the database that holds all critical order information, BizLink ensures that Flamingo is able to handle the high volume of data associated with orders. BizLink also translates the wide variety of message standards and formats received, allowing for flexibility and efficient order processing.

In addition, through Flamingo Holdings’ implementation of BizLink, Marks & Spencer orders can now support limitless product combinations, which is essential due to the variety of flowers and bouquets that are sold each day.

Due to the success of the BizLink deployment, Flamingo Holdings is also simplifying the management of its own large and diverse community of trading partners with Inovisworks. As all of its distribution centres will operate within one VAN as a result of this implementation, the company will be able to ensure that its fresh produce is delivered on time to meet agreed standards of a 48 hour window from the field to the store shelf.

“The fact of the matter is that our business literally cannot move without IT. We need to make sure that the entire order process from start to finish is always running smoothly, or else we risk lost sales including markdowns, which are detrimental to our partners’ businesses,” said Martin Jarvis, Group IT Manager, Flamingo Holdings.  “With Inovis, we can be sure that the needs of our retail partners can be matched minute by minute while eliminating costs associated with data flow and translation.”

By leveraging the Internet and industry standards, BizLink manages the flow and provides for the direct, secure transport of electronic data, documents and information – meaning no more paper or fax transactions and a reduction in VAN costs. BizLink also requires minimal ongoing management, meaning that IT staff at Flamingo Holdings can focus on higher-level tasks that make an impact on the business.

Inovisworks is one of the largest VANs in the world. Inovisworks provides leading-edge web-based management and monitoring facilities for real-time visibility into the entire supply chain process so retailers and suppliers can make informed, on-demand decisions for maximum business benefit.

“Suppliers of perishable goods have an absolute need to ensure that their supply chain runs effectively to avoid missed sales opportunities as well as damaged reputations,” said John Redfern, Managing Director, Inovis. “Choosing a solution that helps simplify the order process from end-to-end is essential for both efficient supply chain management and keeping costs associated with this process to a minimum.”

About Flamingo Holdings

Flamingo Holdings is a grower, importer and wholesaler of cut flowers, house plants, florists sundries and vegetables. It provides 600 million flower stems each year to the high street in the UK, and over half of these are grown on its own farms in Africa in greenhouses which would cover over 200 football pitches. Flamingo Holdings has also been providing vegetables for the UK market for the last 22 years, and now sells in excess of 30,000 tons every year.

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