NMBS Extends EDI Platform With Freeway Commerce

Guildford, United Kingdom — July 9, 2009 — National Merchant Buying Society (NMBS), the most successful buying group for independent builders, plumbers, hardware and timber merchants in the UK, today announced it has been working with Freeway Commerce, an Inovis company, to transform the way it facilitates the exchange of order, invoice and credit note information between its members and their suppliers through the Spectrum Enterprise solution and Spectrum Trade® Web Forms software.

NMBS has been using electronic data interchange (EDI) to receive electronic invoices and credit notes from over 200 suppliers through Freeway’s Spectrum Enterprise solution to improve the efficiency and accuracy of documents being exchanged. Cutting out manual data input at both ends of the cycle helps reduce errors, and by eliminating the need for documents to be sent by post or fax, NMBS can speed up the invoice-to-payment process by up to 72 hours.

Recently, NMBS has deployed Freeway’s Spectrum Trade® Web Forms solution, which allows NMBS suppliers to enter their invoices and credits into a predefined template on the Internet which is then forwarded to the group and its members, improving the integrity of data and the speed at which it is exchanged. In addition, buying groups in Builders Merchants sectors such as NBG, CBA and CEMCO can also receive this information via EDI, allowing sales data to be better-shared for the good of all parties involved. Additionally, Spectrum Trade also facilitates purchase ordering, with more merchants now choosing to place orders this way, ahead of fax or telephone ordering, it can also allow them to automatically match invoices against orders saving hours of manual effort.

“The primary aim of NMBS is to enable our members to get the best possible deal from suppliers, and paper-based documentation has traditionally been a barrier to processing invoice information in a timely fashion,” said Chris Hayward, Managing Director at NMBS. “By adopting EDI, suppliers to our members can quickly send us their data. We are removing an element of complexity from the supply chain process, whilst improving the accuracy of data and the efficiency of the entire cycle – ultimately allowing members and suppliers to work smarter and improve revenue.”

Costs for Spectrum Trade® Web Forms start from just £199 +VAT per annum, making it an affordable option for low-volume suppliers with little or no technical expertise; all they need is access to the Internet. Freeway Commerce is continuing to provide advice and support to NMBS, as the organisation looks to bring the efficiencies of EDI to even more of its suppliers nationwide.

“Processing business documents manually is a time-consuming, labour-intensive process, which can be restrictive, particularly on smaller merchants and suppliers,” said Paul Kaye, Sales Director, Freeway Commerce. “Freeway Commerce is working with forward-thinking businesses, including NMBS, to help reduce paper-based transactions and use EDI and related web-based technologies to better manage the way data is exchanged, increasing efficiency and allowing organisations to focus on what they do best and reduce their costs.”

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