Bay Tree Food Company Keeps Orders Cooking With Inovis DataSync

Guildford, United Kingdom  —  July 14,  2009  Bay Tree Food Company, the speciality and fine foods manufacturer, today announced it has adopted the Inovis Data Synchronisation (DataSync) service to easily exchange data with leading UK retailer House of Fraser on hundreds of products. The collabourative platform, from Inovis, will improve the accuracy of Bay Tree Food Company’s product information, including details such as code, price, colour, size and weight. As a direct result of this project, Bay Tree Food Company expects to reduce the time taken to capture product data by up to 50 percent, allowing the business to speed-up the warehouse-to-shelf process, driving sales through improved data integrity.

To date, Bay Tree Food Company has completed the upload of items from its product line, including cooking and pasta sauces, savory accompaniments and condiments, onto the DataSync service, and can now provide House of Fraser with real-time visibility for each product, including availability and attribute changes. This provides House of Fraser with a more efficient picking and re-ordering processes for better stock management and increased sales.

As a growing business, developing strong relationships with customers such as House of Fraser, is directly linked to getting orders right first time,” said Geoff Southam, Sales Manager, Bay Tree Food Company. “Technology is vitally important in helping us work smarter, and the DataSync service will help us cut out costly mistakes which impact order accuracy, meaning we can spend time discussing new products and sales, rather than problems within our supply chain.

Inovis DataSync provides one connection for Bay Tree Food Company to maintain and one connection to House of Fraser, through which product data can be securely and electronically sent to all business partners. As the service creates a single, online product catalogue, the accuracy of data within associated documents, such as purchase orders, advanced shipping notices and invoices is improved helping to reduce customer payment times by eliminating discrepancies between invoices and purchase orders.

Since the launch of the DataSync service in the UK with House of Fraser in June 2008, many forward-thinking suppliers, including Bay Tree Food Company, have seen the real benefits of data synchronisation and how it will realign the way organisations do business,” said Stephen Jefferies, Director of European Retail, Inovis. “From the warehouse to the shop floor, inaccurate data is a drain on both time and resources. By collabourating and sharing product data via DataSync, suppliers and retailers are working together to ensure data is both visible and current, helping to eliminate inaccurate data, improve efficency and  increase sales.”

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