Regatta Keeps Orders On The Right Path With Inovis

Guildford, United Kingdom — June 22, 2009 — Regatta, the UK’s leading outdoor equipment supplier, today announced that it has selected Inovis to improve the exchange of sales order data with retailers. Inovis TrustedLink® i series software simplifies Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) communications to support the company’s European operations in more than 30 countries.

Based on a Web interface, TrustedLink i series provides Regatta with a 24/7 ‘always on’ platform that automatically translates documents, including orders and delivery notes into the various data formats and connectivity standards required by retailers, ensuring sales order processing (SOP) information can be quickly and accurately processed at both ends of the supply chain.

“The complexities of trading with different countries meant that our new EDI system must be able to support the latest data standards and communication protocols being adopted by retailers across Europe,” said Chris Bulmer, Group IT Director, Regatta. “TrustedLink works like a Swiss army knife for our business, providing a multi-functional portal through which all parts of our organisation can access and process live order information, ensuring we can meet customer requirements in a timely and efficient fashion.”

As Regatta continues to develop its retail customer base in countries including France, Spain, Germany and Holland, TrustedLink i series seamlessly integrates live order information directly into the company’s back-office ERP system, eradicating manual input, improving data accuracy and simplifying the exchange of export data required by HM Customs & Excise. Replacing a legacy EDI system, the Inovis software provides Regatta with a scalable platform for the future, supporting the latest data standards and communication protocols and cutting out the complexities and cost of adding new trading partners on to the system as the business grows.

Additionally, Inovis TrustedLink i series uses a web-based architecture, rather than the traditional ‘green screen’ systems associated with EDI, allowing staff from non-technical departments such as Finance, Sales or Marketing to access business-critical data. This enables employees to make quicker business decisions and improves visibility into the organisation’s supply chain environment.

“EDI has long since been the de-facto standard for supplier/retailer communications, however as suppliers grow, so too does the complexity of supply chain processes due to the requirements of trading partners on how data should be exchanged,” said John Redfern, Managing Director, Inovis, EMEA. “Taking an ‘if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it’ approach to this problem will not suffice, and many organisations, such as Regatta, are turning to technology from Inovis to meet retailer demands by automating cumbersome manual data input and ultimately delivering EDI as a business rather than an IT function to benefit the whole organisation.”

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