Logistics Service Provider, CML, Improves Sustainability via GXS Trading Grid®

Sunbury, United Kingdom —March 10, 2009 — GXS™, a leading provider of business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce solutions, today announced that Core Management Logistics (CML), plc. has adopted GXS Trading Grid® as its platform for electronic trading with U.K.-based retailer, Marks and Spencer. CML has signed a multi-year agreement to use GXS Trading Grid Messaging Service to support the exchange of electronic supply chain documents including invoices, advanced ship notices and payment instructions. The adoption of B2B e-commerce versus paper-based trading has led to significant operational savings for CML as well as greater environmental sustainability in its operations.

A U.K.-based logistics company, CML is a leading force in specialist warehousing, stock co-ordination and network delivery as well as the primary logistics provider to Marks and Spencer, one of the U.K.’s largest retailers. CML receives orders from Marks and Spencer via GXS Trading Grid and sends back a range of electronic documents including delivery confirmations. CML typically receives more than 100,000 electronic data interchange (EDI)-based files from Marks and Spencer each year and sends approximately 90,000 in return.

“GXS Trading Grid is critical to our business relationship with Marks and Spencer,” commented Michael Thompson, IT manager at CML. “As well as the environmental impact, a major benefit for us is ease of use – which none of GXS’ competitors were able to match. GXS Trading Grid was best able to deliver data with the timeliness and accuracy needed to support our world-class warehouse operations. We have implemented a highly automated process which enables us to manipulate the information provided by GXS and make changes and provide responses very quickly. These are vital enablers that help us exceed Marks and Spencer’s expectations with what we believe is the ultimate distribution service.”

Marks and Spencer has made a public commitment to sustainable business practices which is manifesting itself in CML’s relationship with Marks and Spencer. Removing paper and reducing manual processes in a company’s logistics network and supply chain are key elements of a sustainable business. CML’s level of automation reduces the company’s demand and use of paper on a broad scale; each transaction processed by CML represents a paper document that no longer has to be printed, enveloped or delivered. In addition, electronic trading is assisting CML in fulfilling efficiency requirements for trailer loads, dispensing with mixed trailers and removing any need to re-sort and re-load trailers. This is directly helping to reduce mileage and lower fuel usage.

In fact, the 190,000 documents sent electronically every year using Trading Grid are equivalent to approximately 1.7 metric tons of paper. If paper was used instead of electronic trading, this amount of paper would1:

  • Require 6 tons of wood, the equivalent of about 43 trees;
  • Require 70 million BTUs, the equivalent of the energy used by one home per year;
  • Produce over 10,000 lbs CO2, which is the equivalent of taking one car off the road each year; and
  • Use almost 35,000 gallons of water, the equivalent of maintaining an Olympic sized swimming pool.

“As major retailers launch far-reaching operational and environmental initiatives, their business suppliers and partners need to find ways to keep pace with this change. Electronic document exchange is a simple and powerful method for nearly any company to increase sustainability while also improving order accuracy and supply chain efficiency,” said Bryan Larkin, director of Retail and Consumer Products Industry Marketing at GXS. “Finally, electronic trading provides CML with clear audit trails, increased customer satisfaction and lower overall costs.”

GXS is connected to and serves more than 300 logistics providers on six continents around the world. GXS Trading Grid is a global B2B e-commerce and integration platform that supports the creation and adoption of on-demand supply chain management solutions for companies of any size. As the world’s largest electronic business community, GXS Trading Grid is used by more than 30,000 customers to exchange goods and services, gain visibility into global logistics operations and to synchronise product data. Trading Grid helps customers automate global trading communities by shielding complexity from rapidly changing standards, eliminating manual and duplicative processes and enabling the highest levels of B2B integration and collabouration.

About CML

CML is a leading force in specialist warehousing, stock co-ordination and direct, or network delivery, including multi-modal freight forwarding. The company is based in Lutterworth and its business is centered around a purpose built, hi-tech, high bay warehouse facility of over 270,000 square feet (82,296m²). Sophisticated storage and stock handling flexibility is enhanced by on-site bespoke IT facilities, and an experienced workforce equipped with remote barcode scanners linked to state-of the-art management systems.

About GXS

GXS is a leading global provider of B2B e-commerce solutions that simplify and enhance business process integration and collabouration among trading partners.  Organisations worldwide, including more than 70 percent of the Fortune 500, leverage the on-demand services on GXS Trading Grid® to extend supply chain networks, optimise product launches, automate warehouse receiving, manage electronic payments and gain supply chain visibility.  GXS Managed Services, GXS’ B2B outsourcing solution, empowers customers with the expertise, technical infrastructure and program support to conduct B2B e-commerce with trading partners globally.

Based in Gaithersburg, Md., GXS has an extensive global network and has local offices in the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific regions.  GXS can be found on the Web at www.gxs.co.uk,  http://blogs.gxs.com and http://twitter.com/gxs.

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1 The environmental impact estimates were made by GXS using the Environmental Defense Fund Paper Calculator. For more information visit http://www.papercalculator.org.


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