Samsung SDSE Calls on Inovis for Simplified Supply Chain Management

Guildford, United Kingdom — August 11, 2008 Inovis, a leading provider of business community management solutions, today announced that Samsung SDSE, one of the largest providers of integrated IT services, has implemented a Managed Service based on Inovisworks™, the Value-Added Network (VAN) service from Inovis. This service will help Samsung SDSE manage its growing partner environment and simplify communications for one of its biggest customers, Samsung Electronics Corporation (SEC), a world class manufacturer of consumer electronics, including mobile phones, televisions, DVD players and microwave ovens.

Through Inovis’ unique pricing structure, which charges for each partner that is added to the network rather than per message or volume of data transferred, Samsung SDSE has cut its EDI VAN costs by 20 per cent while increasing critical data flow. In addition, Samsung SDSE is able to cope with managing more complex data, which helps its customers maintain a competitive edge. For example, Samsung SEC can now trade detailed information such as “sell-out” and “sales forecasting” data with its partners without worrying about increased EDI costs and management burdens.

“The combination of functionality that Inovisworks provides along with its innovative pricing structure makes the solution unbeatable in the market.  We no longer have to invest unnecessary man-hours resolving complex budgeting issues, which were frequent due to the growth of our partner network as well as our customers’ partner networks,” said Mike Bennett, EDI Manager, Samsung SDSE.  “Additionally, we’re confident that Inovis will work with us round-the-clock to ensure that orders from our suppliers are processed as soon as they are received, allowing us to further maximise communications and productivity.”

As Inovisworks has a user-friendly web platform, Samsung SDSE’s non-technical users across Europe are now able to access supplier and partner information quickly and effortlessly, which delivers tangible value at all levels of the organisation. Samsung SDSE can add new trading partners to the network with ease, regardless of data format or network connectivity standards used by the partner.
By implementing Inovisworks, Samsung SDSE benefits from using one of the largest VANs in the world. Inovisworks provides leading-edge web-based management and monitoring facilities for real-time visibility into the entire supply chain process so retailers and suppliers can make informed, on-demand decisions for maximum business benefit.

“Businesses today do not have time to decipher complex EDI communications and map out the costs associated with these transactions – which can often be surprisingly high,” said John Redfern, Managing Director, Inovis. “By helping companies stay on budget as well as taking a hands-on approach to managing the end-to-end EDI process, we’re making it easier than ever for businesses and their customers to reap the benefits of EDI.”

About Samsung SDS

Samsung SDS, established in 1985, is one of the largest providers of integrated IT services, including IT outsourcing, system integration and IT infrastructure solutions. As a subsidiary of the global Samsung brand, Samsung SDS is a thought leadership-based IT service provider, delivering solutions with a real understanding of its client’s needs.