innocent Expands Smoothly into Europe with Inovis

Guildford, United Kingdom — July 15, 2008 Inovis, a leading provider of on-demand business community management solutions, today announced that innocent, the number one smoothie brand in the UK, has implemented a Managed Service based on Inovisworks™, the Value-Added-Network (VAN) service from Inovis. This solution will support innocent’s expansion into more than 10 countries in Europe, as well as allow for streamlined business operations and smooth compliance with SLA mandates.

Since the implementation of Inovisworks, innocent has already saved 20 hours per week on processing orders and invoices, which previously were handled manually. Additionally, the expert support from Inovis and the scalability of Inovisworks has kept innocent on-track to triple its number of connected trading partners within one year.

“When we evaluated various EDI solutions on the market, we were drawn to both Inovisworks as a platform and Inovis as a company. Inovisworks is a modern, reliable platform, and Inovis Managed Services provides us with the full support needed not just to deliver the technology, but to guide our team as we work with customers and suppliers across Europe,” said Ben Tuppen, UK Logistics Manager, innocent. “In addition, the Inovis pricing structure is based on a flat-rate subscription fee rather than volume of traffic, meaning that our costs are predictable and low.”

As Inovisworks allows for web-based management and monitoring facilities, innocent does not need to dedicate a specific team to manage the EDI environment. Now, all relevant personnel in logistics, finance and IT have web-access to Inovisworks when they want it, wherever they are in Europe, allowing for real-time visibility into the entire supply chain process for informed, on-demand decision-making.

Inovisworks is one of the largest VANs in the world, currently transacting over four million messages per day, or 1.5 billion per year. Inovis Managed Service based on Inovisworks ensures that companies achieve maximum benefit from their EDI environment by monitoring the supply chain through an end-to-end process, from providing network services at the core platform level through to offering hosted data synchronisation to ensure that critical product information is updated and maintained between all trading partners. This also includes managing the full data lifecycle, from entrance onto the service through to delivery to the recipient.

“Companies that are expanding globally, like innocent, can often be daunted by factors such as EDI standards that can be specific to certain countries, as well as the range of data formats and network connectivity available for use,” said John Redfern, Managing Director, Inovis. “At Inovis, our aim is to help manage the entire end-to-end EDI process and take the complexity out of our customers’ hands so they can focus on strategically growing their business, just as innocent has done across Europe.”