Bernard Matthews Deploys Inovisworks for Resilient, Cost-effective and Simplified Data Communication

Guildford, United Kingdom — March 10,  2008  Bernard Matthews, the largest farmer of British turkeys and one of the UK’s top grocery brands, has implemented Inovisworks™ from Inovis to provide a unified electronic trading platform with real-time visibility into all EDI transactions, including taking orders from customers, processing delivery notes and matching invoices. With over 1,500 orders received each week – 90 percent of which are shipped on the same day of receipt – Bernard Matthews will rely on Inovis to streamline business processes and increase order accuracy for an expected reduction in processing costs of 20-25 percent per annum. 

“Over 80 percent of our orders, which account for 90-95 percent of our business, are taken via EDI seven days a week; therefore, it is critical that orders are accurate and our systems are available at all times in order to serve our customers efficiently,” said Edwin Pearson, Information Systems Director for Bernard Matthews. “By simplifying our EDI environment and providing visibility into all of the components within our supply chain, Inovis ensures that we can accurately and efficiently process orders, which keeps our customers happy and bolsters our business.”
Inovisworks enables Bernard Matthews to process all customer and supplier data, including AS2 communications with ASDA and Wal-Mart, using a single system.  Previously, Bernard Matthews required two sets of processes for dealing with traditional EDI and AS2, introducing another layer of complexity in the supply chain. Now, with Inovisworks, Bernard Matthews has a solution that processes multiple communication protocols so the company only deals with one data standard, simplifying the management of data and reducing the time taken per transaction.

Pearson was also impressed by the cost-effectiveness of implementing Inovisworks. “It was very easy to justify switching over to Inovisworks, as Inovis’ unique pricing structure is based on flat-rate subscription rather than volume of traffic. Therefore, we can guarantee return on investment within six to nine months, with minimal disruption required in the migration process from our old EDI system. In fact, the time required to oversee the implementation of Inovisworks was exceptionally minimal,” said Pearson.

“Forward thinking companies, such as Bernard Matthews, are realising that migrating to cutting-edge technology such as Inovisworks is not a painful process, and that it provides immediate benefits such as faster order accuracy, better adherence to compliance policies, and significant cost savings,” said John Redfern, Managing Director of Inovis. “We look forward to working with Bernard Matthews to provide even more benefits in the future as we deliver continuing innovation within Inovisworks.”

Inovisworks operates on the Inovis Multienterprise Expert Services Hub (MESH) platform, a fully redundant platform designed to deliver 100 percent availability and a data centre designed to deliver 99.995 percent availability. MESH provides a solid foundation of quality and operational excellence for all Inovis services.