GXS and GS1 Join Forces to Lower Retail Supply Chain Costs

Sunbury, United Kingdom — May 30 , 2006 — GXS™, a leading provider of business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce solutions, and GS1, a leading global organisation dedicated to the design and implementation of global standards, will be demonstrating joint retail supply chain solutions at ECR Europe 2006. Together, the two organisations are positioned to help retailers and consumer packaged goods companies (CPGs) remove unnecessary costs from their supply chains without significant additional investments. GXS, GS1’s exclusive global platinum sponsor, is a leader in the area of global data synchronisation and powers more GS1-certified data pools than any other service provider worldwide. GXS will showcase its Trading Grid® platform, which supports a variety of on-demand supply chain management solutions including GXS Product Information Manager (PIM), Data Synchronisation, RFID Accelerator, Intelligent Web Forms, Data Pool Manager, Community Link and Managed Services solutions. Furthermore, GXS will provide insight to retailers and suppliers on doing business with trading partners in emerging growth markets, such as China and Brazil.

Bobby Patrick, GXS chief marketing officer states: “Our focus at ECR is to demonstrate how our on-demand supply chain solutions can help retailers maintain and grow their customer bases through greater product availability and reduced order lifecycles. With countries like China and Brazil growing in strength, it is increasingly important that the delegates understand how to manage the complexities of a global supply chain. Our relationship with GS1 is going from strength to strength, and together we can make retail and CPG companies more efficient and effective on both local and global levels.”

GXS’ global platinum sponsorship of GS1 demonstrates the company’s continued commitment to building the strength of the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) and reducing inefficiencies in the supply chain. GXS has relationships with ten GS1 member organisations that cover 22 countries to develop and deploy country, regional and industry data pools. GXS is supporting GS1’s efforts to ensure the majority of suppliers are synchronising product data through the GDSN by the end of 2007.

Miguel Lopera, president and chief executive officer at GS1, said: “ECR is set to be an exciting event. The retail and CPG markets are at a crucial point of development and growth. It is clear that the GDSN is gaining momentum and in partnership with GXS, business benefits ranging from reduced stock-outs to improved on-shelf availability and cost reductions will be delivered. By teaming up with GXS at the event, we can provide delegates with a full and clear picture of the possibilities that lie ahead.”

Delegates will be able to learn more about the following solutions at GXS and GS1’s booth:

Intelligent Web Forms (IWF)
Intelligent Web Forms enables businesses to globally trade electronically in an easy and cost-effective way. The service allows any business, regardless of size, time zone, language or technical ‘know how’, to automate manual processes with trading partners around the world. The 100 percent Web-based application is designed specifically to address common barriers to electronic trading faced by small to medium sized businesses (SMBs). GXS’ Intelligent Web Forms makes it possible for small businesses with limited or no IT staffs and resources to quickly, easily and cost-effectively participate in e-commerce programs without the need to purchase, install and manage additional software. The benefits of the new solution don’t just benefit SMBs, as large businesses will have the ability to reach all trading partners electronically through using GXS’ service, resulting in higher profits, faster payment and increased customer satisfaction The service makes certain that no trading partner is left behind.

Community Link
Community Link is GXS’ unique trading partner on-boarding service for e-commerce initiatives of any type including EDI, data synchronisation, AS2, supply chain visibility and VAN migrations. GXS has developed two Community Link Service Level Agreement (SLA) packages – Community Link and Community Link Global. Both include a 100 percent trading partner ramping guarantee, enabling companies to rely on GXS as their single global provider of community enablement services. Through these SLAs, GXS will guarantee B2B e-commerce enablement with a customer’s designated trading partners regardless of number, size of business, area of focus or e-commerce capability. GXS Community Link Standard is targeted for companies with a domestic trading partner base. In addition to the 100 percent community enablement guarantee, customers also will receive detailed analytics, reporting and online testing. The GXS Community Link Global package is designed for international rollouts, and includes the same features and benefits as the Standard offering.

Product Information Manager (PIM)
GXS PIM enables companies to manage, store and create a ‘single version of the truth’ for all product information, such as descriptions, dimensions, images and prices. It incorporates Tele-consulting, Community Ramping, PIM Software and Data Pool Services into one package. PIM provides true end-to-end business process visibility through product synchronisation and pricing information, inventory level optimisation and demand forecasting, which speed the overall execution of supply chains.

Managed Services
Managed Services is a comprehensive B2B outsourcing service that enables companies to automate transactions with their trading community while shielding them from rapidly changing standards, eliminating manual and duplicative efforts, lowering overall supply chain costs and freeing internal resources to focus on other mission-critical functions. GXS’ offers the technical infrastructure to conduct a global B2B program, including hosted integration services, data translation, transaction visibility, systems administration and robust reporting capabilities.

Data Pool Manager
GXS Data Pool Manager provides the necessary expertise to deploy a GS1-certified country, regional or industry data pool enabling communities to join the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) quickly and easily. It provides network interoperability, inter-data pool synchronisation and intra-data pool synchronisation.

RFID Accelerator
RFID Accelerator is an automated, off-the-shelf, packaged data synchronisation and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) solution. It includes an integrated approach to global data synchronisation (GDS) with a quick and easy way to meet retailer mandates associated with RFID compliance. The solution includes three components: GXS Quick Connect, which enables product information synchronisation according to industry standards; a connection to a supported global data synchronisation network (GDSN)-certified data pool; and RFIDTagManager, an RFID tagging software solution from epcSolutions. GXS RFID Accelerator enhances the benefits of clean, accurate and consistently synchronised product information while giving suppliers the ability to leverage the synchronised data as part of an integrated RFID implementation.

About GXS
GXS is a leading global provider of B2B e-commerce solutions that simplify and enhance business process integration and collabouration. Organisations worldwide, including more than 75 percent of the Fortune 500, leverage GXS Trading Grid® to achieve balance between supply and demand. Active in the global standards arena, GXS solutions enable customers both large and small, to connect with global partners, synchronise product information, optimise inventory levels and demand forecasts, and accelerate the execution of supply chains.

Headquartered in Gaithersburg, Md., GXS provides sales and support to businesses and their partners worldwide. For more information about GXS visit www.gxs.co.uk.

About GS1
GS1 develops global supply chain standards and solutions used by over one million companies for bar coding, electronic business messaging, data synchronisation and through the EPCglobal Network, radio frequency identification.

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